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What Is Splankna?

In a nutshell, Splankna is biblically-based mind-body prayer protocol designed to promote change. Splankna is ideal for those who are seeking transformation yet feel stuck.


The word “splankna” (splahnk-na) is New Testament Greek for a gut-level awareness. It is the word translated as “compassion" or “heart” in the Bible and is used to describe Jesus’ incredible empathy towards his people (see Matthew 9:36), as well as the depth of the range of human emotion.


Splankna work taps into the deep subconscious root of emotional, mental, and sometimes even physical symptoms. In Splankna, Jesus is the hero as clients experience deep inner healing, all led in prayer and by the Spirit.


Read in detail about the methodology of Splankna at the Institute’s official website.

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